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The Circle Theatre
Omaha, Nebraska
The Circle Theatre Presents
2018-2019 Season
A Theatre Arts Intership Program!


The Circle Theatre invites Parents & Guardians to assist your theater enthusiasts to apply for a Circle Theatre internship position, to experience and gain access to hands-on training for a possible future in the Theater Community.  Please read the details below, carefully, before applying.  This is a unique opportunity to explore work skills not offered in the regular workshop environments.  Serious candidates will be expected to follow the program details below.


The Circle Theatre internship is part of the Rosemary Kennedy Initiative Program.  Internships align with organizations core value of including individuals with disabilities in every aspect of programming.  Participants work a maximum of sixty hours and spend ten hours participating in interactive introdution to theater/technical theater workshops.  Interns will participate in interview sessions that determine theatrical interests.  Participants work eleven hours as shadows during the Circle's fall production of Dracula.  During this process, participants will get a taste of how a production is executed.  Next, participants will be assigned an artist mentor to assist for eleven hours during the Circle Theatre's winter prodution the The Hobbit.  Then, in May of 2019 participant's will take the leading role as prodution staff during the Circle Theatre's 2019 Short Play Festival, spending twelve hours on that projet.  After each production concludes, interns will participate in an evaluation process based on the rubric for a total of three hours.  Rubric evaluation will outline the intern's strengths and areas for growth.  Interns will also be required to take part in resume, portfolio development and mock interviews for thirteen hours.  Participants will have the option to audition for any of the Circle Theatre productions.  Audition workshops will be available.

Fill out the application attached.