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                   The Circle Theatre was founded by 
                     Doug and Laura Marr in 1983 
                                    thus becoming the very FIRST                                   independent theater company in 
                Omaha, Nebraska.

To off-set operating costs they created
"DINER THEATER" and for 16 years their company 
of talented writers, actors and musicians produced over 100 original comedies, dramas and musicals, (including Doug Marr's award-winning series 
"PHIL'S DINER") in an actual operating diner!

The Circle Theatre successfully toured Nebraska 
and South Dakota, writing and developing 
“Looks Good From The Road”, an original play 
which explored the issues behind the rural crisis 
of the 1980’s. 
They also performed several 
of its Deaf Theatre Project productions at the 
Rochester Hearing and Speech Institute,
Rochester New York.

For over 30 years The Circle Theatre has 
entertained as well as enlightened and informed audiences by dealing with such important issues as child abuse, disability, aging and loss. 

The Circle Theatre is excited to partner with 
The Hanscom Park First United Methodist Church, 
4444 Frances street, Omaha, Nebraska.