Bang, Zoom, To the Moon
By David Sindelar

Waiting for Gordy
By Doug Marr

Stephanie Anderson
Stell Ehrhart
Sarah Ervin
Matt Allen
Laura Marr
David Sindelar
Christa Reason
Katya Reason
Dylan Marr
Show Dates:
December 6th-21st
Matinee on Sunday December 15th Lunch at 1:00 Show at 2:00
Show Times:
Doors open at 6:30 pm
Dinner at 7:00 pm
Show starts at 8:00 pm
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Or call 402-553-4715
Santa's been captured by moon creatures and his Christmas deliveries are in jeopardy! Is Driselda's magic powerful enough to find him in time? Can the mighty Quinn fix the GPS on the sleigh? And what has happened to Rudolph? Find the answers to these and many other questions by seeing the new Circle Theatre Comedy.

Waiting For Gordy by Doug Marr (short 1 act) is a tribute to acclaimed Irish playwright Samuel Beckett's award winning play Waiting for Gordo with a holiday twist.
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And Waiting for Gordy
December 6th- 22nd
Show Only

Active Military and Tag member
Dinner and Show
Children $16
2012-2013 Season